The SL Developer’s Corner is my place in the virtual world “Second Life”, where i experiment and tinker with the features of this platform. I try to publish my experiences and often also include the source code of the scripts on this site. Other posting related to Second life can be also found on Happy Coding 2nd-life section.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bought a new outfit

I just tested the new viewer of Second Life and was really astonished of the speed and the nice graphic details. And I was so excited, that I bought a new outfit. ;)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A new beginning?


I haven't been to Second Life for couple of month. Why? I was really tired of it. I used SL primary for developing little and nifty things and to publish the source code in this blog. But there was nothing going forward in SL and a lot of companies and other people where leaving -- so I also left and even sold my nice home.
One week ago, I logged into Second Life again, because somehow I got motivated to develop new stuff. But in the end I closed the client after 15 minutes. 15 minutes where I noticed, that 90% of my landmarks had been gone, because the islands don't exist any longer. I don't know.

  • Who has the same experience?
  • Are you also tired of using Second Life?
  • Do you think that they will improve their system in the future?
  • Does it make sense to invest more time and maybe money into it?
I always liked to walk around and using the platform as a 3D developing environment, but now I don't know if Second Life has a future.

Mbulu Oh