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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Second Life A.L.I.C.E.-Bot Chat

I played around with the free available A.L.I.C.E.-Chatbots at www.pandorabots.com. They offer a nice XML-interface where you can communicate with your Chatbot (see FAQ).

So i write a little RubyOnRails-controller which is able to send a message to the pandora-bot and which converts the returning xml-data into an SL-compatible string. As usual, we can now use the nice llHTTPRequest-function from LSL to communicate. Thats all, 20 minutes of work. Here is a little demo-video, and the code will follow this week:


Anonymous said...

Really cool. Looking forward to see the code.

Turgan said...

hello, very cool blog. is there a chance I can contact you in Second Life or via e-mail?

daniel said...

Sure, you can send an in-world message if you like. My name is "Mbulu Oh".

Anonymous said...

Where can we find the code?